Odoo Consultation & Configuration by OBS
In our blog series "Implementing Odoo the OBS way,” we share more about our Odoo implementation development phases.
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Odoo Consultation & Configuration by OBS
OBS Solutions GmbH, Lea Céline Dickhaus

Consultation & Configuration by OBS

Right after our customers have defined the needs of their companies, we at OBS start developing a possible solution. At the beginning of each implementation project, we then begin with the consultation and configuration about each aspect of the upcoming project. The main target is to define the individual Go Live System together with our customers. We challenge and question the customers' requirements and ensure that the benefits outweigh the incurred costs of customization. Thus, we help our customers to get a clear big picture about the system and find out together which of the wanted aspects from our customers are possible and which need a bit more work in order to be done. If we can get sure that the ideas and needs of us and our customers fit together, this leads to a successful project for both sides.

Finding The Best Solution For Your Project

Many of the already offered solutions by Odoo are generally to consider, which makes the process of implementing a system done by OBS easy and smooth. Following our customers’ business needs, we thus often propose solutions close to Odoo standard. If our customers are not satisfied by the solutions that Odoo Standard offers, we then also propose the asked solution offered by OBS. Because in addition to the many solutions that Odoo already offers, we at OBS have also developed our own solutions to help our customers with our inventive talent. Of course, we stay with our recommendation, which comes with years of experience and knowledge, but in the end our clients decide which solutions they want to meet their business needs. If you want to find out more about the analysis phase, take a look here: Odoo Analysis.

Configuration Possibilities

Email Templates

With Odoo's configurative email templates you don't need to rewrite the entire email structure which saves valuable time to focus on the content.

Kanban Processes 

Easily configure the stages of your kanban processes without the need to write a code by activating Odoo's developer mode.

Complex Routes in Logistics 

Combine rules in order to design a product journey in your stock and use the combination of different routes in order to achieve a full path for complex logistics.

Automated & Planned Actions 

Use automated actions to trigger actions. They are based on conditions and happen on top of Odoo’s default business logic.

User Rights in Roles per Module

Create well-defined user roles with limited access of rights  per module and associate them to selected users.

Flexible Approval Workflows for all Actions

Use flexible approval workflows for all actions to speed up processes and to create a seamless experience for your employees.

Spreadsheets Templates

Use Odoo's Spreadsheets Templates to easily model and modify your data. Within your applications, your spreadsheets continuously update themselves.

Customized Translations

With Odoo it is easier than ever before to add and edit translations of blogs and websites. Translations can be done in front- or backend.

Gamification Tools

Odoo's gamification tools allow users to set rewards and badges for certain actions. This helps encouraging employees in reaching their goals and targets.

Benefit from the high-quality Odoo consultation and configuration by OBS.

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