Odoo data setup & migration
What is the migration process in your Odoo project with OBS Solutions?
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Odoo data setup & migration
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Odoo data setup & migration

If you want to renew your business software and have chosen Odoo, OBS Solutions is the partner of choice for your Odoo implementation. Gain detailed insights into our work and the benefits OBS Solutions offers for your Odoo project.
Learn how we at OBS Solutions perform data migration in a fully comprehensive, secure and fast way.

After the migration conception in the joint workshop with OBS Solutions, you have decided on a data setup and migration method.

Manual setup

  • with less than 50–100 entries during training and go-live
Automated migration

  • with CSV files in Odoo Standard
Migration via Odoo Import Script

Setup of a conversion tool using SQL

  • Reconciliation from your legacy system with Odoo (especially useful for complex projects)

The most popular migration method

Automated migration using CSV files in Odoo Standard is the best choice for the majority of Odoo projects.
The process is roughly outlined in two steps:

  • Analysis of required functions and fields
  • Export and import of data from your legacy system to Odoo

Efficient solutions are found for all required functions so that your software remains lean, and implementation costs are kept low.

The reflection of the legacy system is a revealing step for this.

All fields and functions that have correspondence in the Odoo system and offer added value to your work will, of course, be migrated.

Fields from your legacy system that are not needed will not be created in the Odoo software.

Required fields that do not exist yet in the Odoo system will be developed by reflecting on your work processes so that the new software will support you in an optimal way.
Roughly outlined are the most used methods:

1. Another solution in Odoo picks up the function.
2. The required field must be added.
3. The required function must be added.

Migration is usually not charged at a fixed price; we provide a cost estimate and bill as required.

Rely on competence, know-how and experience with numerous successful Odoo projects.

Choose OBS Solutions as the partner of choice for your Odoo implementation.

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