Odoo end-user training
How do you turn your employees into competent Odoo users?
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Odoo end-user training
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Odoo end-user training

You have chosen Odoo as your enterprise software and OBS Solutions as the partner of choice for your Odoo implementation. Gain detailed insights into our work and the benefits for your Odoo project at OBS Solutions.

Learn how we design end-user training at OBS Solutions and how you can customize this process to fit your organization and staff.
After setting up your software, entering your data, and reviewing and optimizing the software, the focus now shifts from the system to your employees. At OBS Solutions, we offer end-user training at three levels, depending on your employees' level of expertise in Odoo:

Training exclusively by OBS Solutions

OBS Solutions competently guides you and your employees through the system and explains all the functions, processes and how to use the software.

Training by OBS Solutions, supported by key users

At this level, OBS Solutions designs the end-user training and hands it over to the key users according to their competence and knowledge level. This can be done in sections or at once to help the users become familiar with the software. We welcome a high level of autonomy. Nevertheless, we are always available and provide reliable support.

Training primarily by key users

We recommend this training approach as the users become familiar with the software and learn to use it independently. This training is designed to utilize the competencies of each team member, assigning them training relevant to their roles. OBS Solutions is always available as second-level support for questions and problems.

To ensure adequate training knowledge, the key users provide documentation of their training so that employees who join the company after implementation, as well as everyone else, can reference this documentation at any time for areas that were tested and implemented.

Sequence and important steps of end-user training

The division and scheduling of end-user training into two parts have proven successful in our Odoo implementations. The first end-user training should be conducted when the system is more than 90% complete, usually about 4-6 weeks before the software is scheduled to go live. This leaves enough time to react to aspects that come up during the training and, if necessary, optimize the system before go-live.

The key is self-assurance: To best train your staff on your new software, we recommend releasing access to the staging program to end users, so they can work with the system themselves as soon as possible. This allows your staff to develop a feel for the new software and gain competence in using the new processes and features.

The second phase of end-user training should take place 1-2 weeks before go-live. In this phase, in addition to explaining the system and processes, the employees would undergo intensive trial and error. The end users perform independently, migrating data and entering information manually.

Rely on competence, know-how and experience from numerous successful Odoo projects.

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