Odoo System Validation and Integration Testing
What tests are expected in your Odoo project with OBS Solutions?
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Odoo System Validation and Integration Testing
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Odoo System Validation and Integration Testing

You have chosen Odoo as your preferred enterprise software and OBS Solutions as your implementation partner. Gain detailed insights into our work at OBS Solutions and the benefits for your Odoo project.

Learn how we do system validation and integration testing at OBS Solutions and what options are available to you.

After setting up the basic framework of your software and entering your data, the next step would be to test the software. This way, the desired processes can be optimized and possible problems can be solved in advance. This phase can be divided into two phases:

1. Test phase: Automated technical tests via Odoo.sh

In this test phase, the general system as well as Odoo standard installations are tested for their functionality. This test checks whether the programming of the software is coherent.

When building custom modules in Odoo, developers can also create their own test data to validate the functionality of their modules. These custom test data are specifically designed to test the modules‘ features and scenarios relevant to the business requirements. Developers ensure that the custom modules work correctly and meet the desired objectives by using these self-written test data.

2. Test phase: Functional and integration test

In the functional test, specific developments are tested directly. Extensions, functions and apps added in addition to the standard are the focus here. This ensures that a module functions correctly before it is put into operation. The integration test ensures the correctness of the dependencies of sub-areas of your Odoo system and how the extensions affect other Odoo standard modules, so you get a fully integrated system that works as if it were made of one piece.

Options for functional and integration testing

In this phase, critical business processes are checked through manual and automated tests. Some of these critical business processes are not explicitly defined. They are prefabricated sample data covering various scenarios to check the functionality of a module. By running the Odoo module with this test data, developers and consultants can identify and fix potential bugs and issues to ensure the module runs smoothly.

Of course, manual tests of areas that are explicitly defined together are also included in the development specification. This way, test data and scenarios can be defined for adapted processes and developments. This process should result in 2-3 test cases, useful for complex developments and many developments that build on each other.

Once the test phase is completed, the master database is updated so the customer receives a functioning system.

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