Outlook Odoo 16: Expected Features
Find out now what new functions Odoo V16 has in store for us!
20 April, 2022 by
Outlook Odoo 16: Expected Features
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Outlook Odoo 16: Expected Features

In less than half a year, the new version of Odoo: Odoo 16 will be released at the Odoo Experience 2022 in Belgium. Beside of some code cleanups and performance improvements, the priorities lie on the accounting localization, the improvement of the user experience and, of course, the new features. Read now about the possible functions and improvements we can look forward to.

New App & Big Changes

New Knowledge Module

Odoo 16 will appear with a new fully integrated Knowledge App. It is to be considered to be similar to a Wiki, in which employees and administrators are easily able to create documentation and to share their knowledge with each other.

New Features in Website

In the Odoo 16 website builder, you will have a merged back- and frontend interface to simplify your user experience. There will be a lot more new tools and features to customize your webpage.

Centralized Coupons & Promotions

You will be able to easily configure and administer coupons, promotions, gift cards, etc. on one single platform. They will all be accessible through conventional sales orders, e-commerce and PoS.

Subscription merged into SO

In Odoo 16 subscriptions will be merged into sales orders for easier management.

New Chatbot Features

With the chatbot of Odoo 16 you will have the option to create multi choice questions and decision trees.


Bank Reconciliation, Accounting Import & Journal Audit Report

Next to a new bank reconciliation widget for better management of multi-currencies, Odoo 16 offers a simplified accounting import and a new journal audit report with improved readability and VAT useful information.

Assets, Credit Limit & OCR

The Accounting Module is improved with a new way to end the assets like cancellation, accurate computation and way more advanced assets. New features also are an informative credit limit warning on Sales Orders and invoices and an OCR-seperate setting for customer invoice.

Intrastat Reports & Various Improvements

You will find many more features in the Accounting module, like improved intrastat reports, additional supported E-Invoicing mechanism and the VAT ID validation in e-Commerce!

CRM & Marketing

Improved Appointments

The Appointments will have an improved backend, which will lead to better onboarding and more visibility. It will also shine with a new frontend design.

Upgraded E-Mail Marketing & eLearning

With the improved Email Marketing App you will be able to create new email templates from previously used email designs and will have the ability to change global attributes ofthe mailing list all at once. For eLearning, Odoo now supports vimeo.

Social Network Improvements

In Odoo 16 you will have additional access to your twitter company account, thanks to the ability to retweet and to quote tweets from the dashboard.


Force Backorder

In the past, inexperienced workers often pressed 'cancel' when asked if they wanted to create a backorder of a shipment. In Odoo 16 there now is an option to automate this operation type level to prevent upcoming problems.

Improved Shipping Methods

In Odoo 16, the enhanced postcode filter on the shipping method will allow prefixes instead of a from-to. You will also be allowed to add text with shipping/pickup instructions in the order confirmation emails.

Automated Batches

Automated batches will be automatically created based on the settings on the operation type. You will be able to limit the batch size per move lines, transfers or weight.

GS1 Labels for Lots & Packages

In Odoo 16 you will be able to print data matrix codes for each product in the package content. This contains the product's barcode, quantity, weight, etc.

Replenishment Visibility Days

With the replenishment visibility days it will be easier to control how much time in advance you want to create a replenishment.

Scan Package

From the main menu you will be able to scan a package to view its content and from the transfers list you will be able to scan a package to filter transfers.

Pick & Count

When a count is required for a product at a location, you will be able to add an icon on the move line. By clicking on the icon it will change its quantity.

Force Scan

Improve your workflows by allowing on each operation type to select what is mandatory to scan and what is not.

Purchase & Shipping Connectors

Revamp Call for Tender

In Odoo 16 you will now be able to create an alternative to an original RfQ. You can easily compare different alternatives and will have a list of different RfQs for a single purchase.

Receipt/Delivery Status in PO & SO

There will be lots of improvements in the receipt or delivery status in purchase or point of sales order.

Shipping Insurance

In Odoo 16 you will be allowed to define the percentage of the value of your content you want to get an insurance. This works with UPS, FEDEX, DHL and Easypost.

Commercial Invoice

 The commercial invoice will be send electronically to UPS, FEDEX, DHL and Easypost to help carriers by transmitting all information directly to customs. You will now find a country of origin on the products.

Choose Pickup Location

There is a new way to choose the pickup location when you deliver by UPS, FEDEX or DHL.

Sign & HR


In Odoo 16 you will be able to refuse to sign a document. You can now change the person for a role after the request has been sent.

Time Off

There will be an option to define 'stress days', where employees are not allowed to take holidays. You will be able to find the allocations and leaves linked to a Time Off type and to see the validity date of your available days.


You can now determine the sequence amongst approvers. You can tailor it to your institution's needs and individual employee grade management.


You will be able to see statistics and reports on all employee skills. There will be an option to add signature requests wizards to plans.


Split & Merge Manufacturing Orders

In Odoo 16 you are now able to split and merge manufacturing orders.

Allocation Report for Manufacturing 

If a link is created with a sale order, customers can now see the status of their manufacturing order on their customer portal.

Subcontracting Portal

You are now able to let your subcontractor register the production for you.

Other Features & more to come!

Revamped Tablet View

Project Scorecard

Sign eIDAS Integration

Stripe Connects

3 New Payment Acquires

Rental Online

Studio Improvements

& Many More!

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