Storage robot interface
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31 May, 2023 by
Storage robot interface
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Storage robot interface

Automation, digitalization, Industry 4.0..., these are all terms that have been around for a long time and whose actual realization should have taken place long ago. But what do these terms actually look like in concrete terms?

At OBS Solutions, we are continuously developing new complementary features to the Odoo standard to bring our customers' software up to date and support all their professional needs.

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Automate your inventories

Save yourself valuable time and let the robot reconcile your inventory with your system. The storage robot can do inventories for single products or the entire stock - at any time. All you need to do is set the time and scope of the inventory

Storage Robot

Intuitive operation in your Odoo software

Our Storage Robot interface does not tie you to a specific vendor. Interact directly with your picking robot.
Control your storage robot at any point where it makes sense (e.g., on the product card or in the warehouse) using a new button in your Odoo software.

In addition to inventory, you can also have products put away and retrieved from storage—all with just a few clicks.

Use the full potential of Odoo and rely on extensions that optimize your Odoo system and make your daily work easier.

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