Top feature: Multi-Odoo
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1 March, 2021 by
Top feature: Multi-Odoo
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Top feature: Multi-Odoo

In the last century, speed, variety, and quality have become business priorities. It's not surprising customers have grown accustomed to expecting more, and working on multiple projects simultaneously is now part of everyday business. Although meeting these advances may sound challenging, it can be easily accomplished with the right business software in place.

Serving different customer and business demands is crucial in order to survive in today's market.
Find out how you can do so without losing track.

scale your business

In Odoo, everything is seen as a possibility. There are multiple ways you can accomplish the same goal. So, no matter what the unique needs of your business are, a customized business software solution is possible.

The prefix to your happiness is "multi":
You can have multi-companies, multi-warehouses, multi-websites even multi-ecommerce, accounting, localizations. Your implementation can even be multilingual without Odoo losing track. Even multi-currency with an automated update of the exchange rate is possible and easy to install with Odoo.

Odoo can handle all that and enable you to advance your business. 

In addition, the consolidation module makes sure you are always on top of the multiple needs of your businesses - all in one place.

 Take advantage of our service and expand your options.

 As an Odoo Gold Partner, OBS offers you the best support in Europe.

Top feature: Fully integrated software