Streamlining Global Operations with Odoo Multicompany
1 July, 2024 by
OBS Solutions GmbH, Leonie Böcher

Streamlining Global Operations with Odoo Multicompany

Unlocking Potential with Odoo

​Odoo is an exceptional tool for companies seeking a fully integrated business management system to unify processes across all facilities. This powerful platform addresses the challenges faced by multinational companies, were disparate systems often complicate reporting and operational efficiency.

Challenges of Disparate Systems

Many multinational companies struggle with inconsistent business management systems across their facilities. This inconsistency can hinder group-level reporting and complicate operations. For example, we’ve seen cases where the same product has different references in each country, leading to complex reporting and unnecessary complications in intercompany transactions.

The Odoo Solution

With Odoo, these issues are effectively resolved, creating a unified system that streamlines operations and enhances reporting capabilities. Companies can now compare monthly sales across facilities, identify global trends, and quickly adjust their manufacturing processes.

Benefits of Odoo Multicompany

  • Unified Data Management: Consolidate all data in a single system. 
  • Process Unification: Standardize business processes. 
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Generate facility-specific or group-wide reports with ease. 
  • Revenue Tracking: Monitor revenue from global clients across the entire group. 
  • Global Pricelist Management: Standardize pricing for vendors and customers.
  • Multi-Currency: Get daily currency rate updates.
  • Cost Reduction: Centralize administration to lower costs. 
  • Cost Savings: Benefit from Odoo’s cost-effective licensing.
  • Customizable Information Sharing: Decide which data should be facility-specific or shared globally, such as products and contacts.   
  • Inter-Company Transactions: Streamline transactions between companies. 
  • Multi-Facility Access: Allow employees to access multiple facilities. 
  • Multi-Language: Automatically generate templates in customer/ vendor specific languages and work in your preferred language.
  • Multi-Websites: Manage multiple Websites.
  • Project Management: Oversee projects on a global scale. 
  • Remote Access: Manage your data from anywhere with browser-based access. 
  • Scalability: Add modules as your business grows or requirements change. 
  • Localization Support: Access accounting localizations. 

Key Steps for Successful Implementation

  1. Appoint a Global Project Management Team: Ensure a coordinated approach with both internal and Odoo partner project managers.
  2. Set Up a Unified Data Structure: Establish a consistent global data framework.
  3. Global vs. Local Data: Decide which data should be global or local, such as products, customers, and vendors.
  4. Rollout Plan: Develop a phased implementation plan, starting with key facilities to influence system setup and workflows.

Get in Touch

If you're seeking a multicompany ERP system and a global Odoo partner, contact us or schedule a demo. Let's discuss how we can support and enhance your business operations with Odoo.

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