Top Feature: Odoo Inventory
Efficient warehouse management with Odoo's bar and QR code scanner
4 February, 2022 by
Top Feature: Odoo Inventory
OBS Solutions GmbH, Lea Céline Dickhaus

Top Feature: Odoo Inventory

With Odoo 15's improved Inventory App it is easier than ever before to organize the workflows of a warehouse. One of the biggest innovations of the Inventory App is the QR and bar code scanner which lets you easily find out several pieces of information in just one second. Find out more about the possibilities and improvements of the Inventory App and its bar and QR code scanner now.

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In this video, Fabien Pinckaers, CEO and founder of Odoo SA, gives an insight about the purchasing process of a product and shows how Odoo's bar and QR code scanner, in combination with the Inventory App, is able to help maximizing the workflows of a company.

By decreasing the touches of goods and creating a one-way flow, the entire purchasing and stocking process can be completed easier and faster than ever before. With the addition of storage location categories and smart put away rules, you can now create several capacities to save time. For example, you can now specify that products should always be stored on a pallet or in boxes.

With the help of the bar and QR code scanner, the product receipt can be easily scanned to gain all the necessary information about a product or a whole order. The new functions of the Inventory App help to stock the right amount of products in the right place and to minimize errors.  

In addition to two more removal strategies, such as the serial number with expiry date and the selection of the nearest location, there also is a new reservation option in which transaction types specify when and how a product can be reserved. If there are several deliveries on the same date to the same company, the system asks whether the deliveries should be delivered together. These innovations are extremely beneficial when optimizing warehouse operations.


If you want to learn even more about the the storage process with the help of Odoo take a look at the video!

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