Top feature: Price-Performance Ratio
6/6: The top six features of Odoo
29 March, 2021 by
Top feature: Price-Performance Ratio
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Top feature: Price-Performance Ratio

Many businesses, especially small- and medium-sized companies, calculate their business software expenses very precisely and often several times. Many of the large software providers focus their offerings on large companies and often only offer inflexible packages for smaller companies.

Find out more about business software that really suit you and that also pay off for your organization.

maximize your success by minimizing your costs

You don't want your company to skimp on quality, but you want to stop unnecessary payments. It is worth looking at the figures: Odoo can be a real alternative for your company, especially concerning licenses and service.
The Odoo Enterprise contract comes with standard upgrades and bug fixing included. Server management is inexpensive compared to the market average.

The implementation is convenient for small companies, as OBS focuses more on Odoo Standard and existing tools than on development. The price-performance ratio is really remarkable.

When you have decided to switch to Odoo, you can expect a smooth and easy start with your new business software. The software is handed over to you ready to go, so that you don't lose any time and can continue working on your projects.

With Odoo Enterprise you only pay for the modules that you really need. You can profit from the Odoo support: Odoo Enterprise includes troubleshooting support and free version upgrades in Odoo Standard.

Odoo Business Solutions is your best choice: In 2019, we received Odoo's Best Partner award in Europe. As an Odoo Gold Partner, we guarantee you the best guidance that’s customized to your business's unique needs.

To learn more about us and everything we offer, schedule a free Odoo demo. We'll be happy to show you all the possibilities available within Odoo and how you can order to optimize your business processes.

More about Odoo demos

We'll guide you through the Odoo system and offer you first impressions on the possibilities you can expect from the Odoo management software.

Success stories

Learn more about our more than 250 successful projects and see how others have adapted the Odoo software to their business needs.

 Write a success story with OBS by your side.

 Choose Odoo and take advantage of offers tailored to you.

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