Unlimited Possibilities: Odoo Cloud Hosting for Your Business
Discover the possibilities of OBS Cloud Hosting
26 October, 2023 by
Unlimited Possibilities: Odoo Cloud Hosting for Your Business
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Unlimited Possibilities: Odoo Cloud Hosting for Your Business

Are you using Odoo as a cloud solution or considering it? Besides the standard Odoo cloud hosting, other possibilities exist to set up your Odoo cloud system. It is worthwhile to think outside the box and discover even more possibilities.

Read more about Odoo Cloud Hosting and how we created even better solutions with our OBS Cloud Hosting solution.

Unleash the power of Odoo Cloud Hosting for seamless business operations

Although the Odoo Cloud Hosting offering is strong, we saw the potential to expand the features and services, and so came our OBS Cloud Hosting service. This has allowed us to create an all-round worry-free package for our customers.
Our global OBS Cloud Hosting offering gives you all the options you need to take full advantage of Odoo's flexibility and scale your business - worldwide.

Benefits of Odoo Cloud Hosting: Discover the advantages of unlimited scalability, flexibility, and accessibility

Short distances, uninhibited data traffic, well-structured server clusters and sophisticated server locations lead to high-speed cloud software, which is exactly what we focus on with our OBS Cloud Hosting. We go one step further than the conventional Odoo Cloud Hosting:

  • Real-time data replication
  • Unlimited staging server startup included
  • Reliable backup system on different servers
  • Instant verification of all code commits
  • Secure SSH (Secure Shell) access at all levels: development, staging, production
  • Automated, full integration and revision of GitHub source codes
  • Seamless full-time monitoring and maintenance of servers

Save money and resources with OBS Cloud Hosting

We do not believe in high costs or costs that continuously increase. Good service should not be a question of budget. That's why our OBS Cloud Hosting transparently focuses on affordable prices for our all-round service. We offer a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to conventional Odoo Cloud Hosting. Using the server networks on demand allows resources to be used optimally, saving energy and costs.

Enhanced security: Protect your valuable data with the advanced security measures in German Odoo Cloud Hosting

Our server network in Germany enjoys a particularly high level of data protection. Our German customers use OBS Cloud Hosting to encrypt sensitive data even more securely than is available with Odoo Cloud Hosting. Legal requirements are not the only decisive factor here. Data security is not just relevant for safeguarding against data loss. Threats from industrial espionage and data theft are also recurring topics in the context.
The optimized server structure of OBS Cloud Hosting reliably protects your data and includes the management of storage location, encryption and access.

Seamlessly integrate Odoo Cloud Hosting with your existing business systems

Whether you are switching from another cloud hosting provider or from an Odoo on-premise system, we will transfer your Odoo software to Odoo Cloud Hosting without any problems.
After the data migration, you can use your system as usual and benefit from the various advantages of OBS Cloud Hosting.

Embrace the unlimited potential of Odoo Cloud Hosting for your business growth

Benefit from the efficient server infrastructure that optimally supports your Odoo system and gives you new opportunities in scaling your business, as well as the flexibility and availability of your software. Enjoy security and data sovereignty exactly as you need it. Put the installation and constellation of the server structure in the hands of our OBS Cloud Hosting experts, who will advise you based on your business needs and requirements.

Make a fresh start with OBS Cloud Hosting and enjoy new opportunities.

Discuss your requirements directly with Odoo Cloud Hosting experts and benefit from our experience with successful projects.

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