How to Handle Large Odoo Implementation Projects for a Multinational Company
Valuable first-hand insights from an experienced project leader
24 January, 2022 by
How to Handle Large Odoo Implementation Projects for a Multinational Company
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How to Handle Large Odoo Implementation Projects for a Multinational Company

During Odoo Experience 2021, we met with the project manager responsible for the worldwide Odoo implementation of one of our largest projects for an exchange. Dr. Thomas Koliwer reports in detail about obstacles and successes from his own experience.

Learn first-hand how large multinational companies manage to find simple, efficient solutions with OBS for their everyday business.

About Dr. Koliwer:

Current Position: Dr. Koliwer leads the process engineering and IT department in his company.

Expertise and Experience: Dr. Koliwer has a lot of experience in executive positions in different companies and is highly experienced with the implementation of ERP systems, such as SAP, Microsoft, and others.

"Comparing with a large market player, Odoo IS more than an ERP
and SAP for instance CAN be more than an ERP. That's the main difference."

The expert's requirements for the ERP system: The company in which Dr. Koliwer works is made up of a group of companies that operate internationally across the globe. In recent years, the group itself has grown a lot. The ERP system in use was no longer up to date and thus could no longer fully satisfy the growing business requirements.

How Odoo came into focus: While searching for a new system that could meet the businesses growing needs and after discussions with various software providers, Dr. Koliwer kept an open eye and ear in all directions. 

Odoo is not the biggest brand on the market compared to other ERP system providers. However, interest in the software arose when a business partner pointed out to him that Odoo offered particularly flexible solutions.

How the proof-of-concept process contributed to the decision: The two-month process was critical to the project.
The joint proof of concept between OBS and Dr. Koliwer's company involved a large team. All parts of the company were informed and involved, including manufacturing, development, sales, and purchasing. The decision to collaborate and use Odoo as the software of choice was decided on by the group, thus encompassing all parts of the company. With so many stakeholders involved, specific requirements for the software could also be taken into account.

"First and foremost, it was able to build trust in both - the product and the partner."

- Dr. Thomas Koliwer

Especially in comparison with the big competitors on the market, Odoo scored with its price-performance ratio. As a multinational, demanding company that handles very specific processes that the system must be able to reflect, the flexibility of the software was essential. Compared to the market, Odoo offered customization options that would not only have been more complicated to implement with the competition but would also have driven up costs significantly. The high usability of the software was also a deciding factor when deciding to choose Odoo as their new business software.

"I was really surprised to learn about the variety of apps you can include
and also what is already in the starting package."

- Dr. Thomas Koliwer

Odoo is fast and agile, which is very attractive, especially for medium-sized companies that rely on agile ways of working.

Potentials that Odoo can still exploit: Further, more specific developments to production modules would suit complex companies well. Especially in Odoo Standard, there is also still untapped potential in the area of accounting. According to Dr. Koliwer, however, this gap can be closed, as Odoo offers these possibilities. With a strong partner like OBS at their side, developments can also meet requirements in this gap.

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Choosing the right implementation partner: For Dr. Koliwer and his team, personal contact within the implementation team, in addition to all the digital meetings, was extremely important. As this is a globally based and multinational company, processes needed to be worked on locally in each country. Luckily, Odoo offers a global network of partners, including OBS, with several locations around the world. 

OBS was able to meet these needs with its excellent references and dedicated team.

You too can rely on individual, needs-oriented support for your Odoo implementation.

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