OBS Solutions - The future path of success
24 August, 2022 by
OBS Solutions - The future path of success
OBS Solutions GmbH, Lea Céline Dickhaus

The future path of success

OBS Solutions has experienced extraordinary growth in recent years, doubling sales in each of the last six years.  From a small startup in 2016, we are now one of the leading Odoo partners in the world; with offices in seven countries and supported by the Odoo partner alliance (BOP Alliance) worldwide, we deliver complex multinational projects for industry-leading clients.

OBS Solutions has been one of our most successful global Odoo implementation partners for many years. We, as Odoo, collaborate in a number of ways very effectively with OBS and ensure smooth Odoo implementations, in particular for larger multinational companies. We are happy to see that OBS has now sharpened its profile to support Odoo's remarkable growth potential further.

Fabien Pinckaers • CEO & Founder of Odoo

With the software platform Odoo growing rapidly and the increased awareness, many larger companies are now deciding to migrate to Odoo from legacy platforms like SAP, Dynamics, and Netsuite.

From our perspective, the Odoo environment is at a turning point, from an open source, inexpensive, unknown, and dare we say “nerdy” platform into a serious contender in the top tier of ERP platforms. 

The recent €3 billion valuation for Odoo S.A., as well as KPMG’s feedback that Odoo is the “Finance software of the future,” are further indications of Odoo’s trajectory.

Given these developments, we have decided to modernize our OBS Solutions company logo.  The new logo will strengthen our identity and guide us on our future path to success. It conveys simplicity, experience, strength, and professionalism, all great traits needed as we guide large complex implementations.

Our customer promise and vision has served us well and remains “Your success is our passion”.

In the coming months, we are going to continue our next strategic initiatives to further invest in our services, quality processes, and business development. We are going to further accelerate our expansion by building new industry solutions on Odoo, extending Odoo functionalities for large enterprises, and continuously improving our service quality and know-how.

The first steps towards this were already taken in our workshops at our annual summer event.

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