Odoo Cloud Hosting vs. traditional on-premise solutions
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Odoo Cloud Hosting vs. traditional on-premise solutions

Odoo Cloud Hosting vs. traditional on-premise solutions

Within the past few years it has been noticeable that the market for ERP Software is moving towards cloud-based solutions. According to a study conducted by Bitkom in 2017, almost 49% of small and medium enterprises are already using or planning to use SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for their business processes. SaaS is a software delivery model in which the software is licensed and provided as subscription. In contrast to on-premise (self-hosted), SaaS is centrally hosted and users can access the system via a web browser.

Apart from our own Odoo Hosting, we offer on-premise solutions as well as Odoo Cloud Hosting.

But what might be the reasons for the shift from traditional on-premise solutions to cloud-based software? The answer for this could be the plethora of advantages that SaaS solutions offer your business!


Especially for small and medium sized enterprises aiming to expand their business activities, it is essential to be able to flexibly scale up and down according to their needs. The modular structure of Odoo in general and the cloud-based solution allows to easily add modules without complicated installation procedures.

Work from anywhere

With a cloud-based software, every user can access the system from anywhere and with all browser-enabled devices, they just need an internet connection. Companies do not have to worry about lost data if a device is lost or stolen and all data are being uploaded into the cloud in real-time.

High security

While placing their core data into a cloud and giving up control is still a major concern for many people, renouncing an in-house IT department and transferring the responsibility for data security to a larger expert can be of special value for many businesses. Especially for small and medium sized enterprises, who may not obtain the required IT skills themselves. As mentioned above, there is no danger of lost data if a device is lost or stolen.

Increased productivity

Making use of a cloud-based ERP solution can step up any business and opens up new opportunities for increasing digitalisation and automation. By uploading data directly into the cloud in real-time, there is no need for manually entering data into the system later on, which in turn improves accuracy.

Odoo Cloud Hosting did not convince you?

We empowers our teams to create the most relevant content.  We also offer our Odoo Hosting, with servers based in Western Europe. Our platform is closely linked to GitHub and integrates master, staging and development databases.

Odoo Hosting is your care free all-in-one solution.

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