Odoo Go-live Support
How is the cooperation with OBS Solutions during and after the Go-live of your Odoo system?
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Odoo Go-live Support
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Odoo Go-live Support

You have chosen Odoo as your new enterprise software. Now, you need a competent partner to manage your Odoo implementation—OBS Solutions is the best partner for your Odoo implementation. Gain detailed insights into our work and the benefits we bring to your Odoo project at OBS Solutions.

Learn how we at OBS Solutions manage the implementation phase of your new software and what you can expect during and after this process.

The first steps are to design the concept, set up your software, enter your data, and review and optimize the software and end-user training. Once you have completed these steps, we follow up with the implementation and use of your Odoo system:

The specifics of the final phase of your Odoo implementation with OBS Solutions

The implementation phase usually takes 1 to 2 weeks, followed by the end-user training and implementation support phase. We usually record a smooth transition between the end-user training and implementation support phases, which can last up to 4 weeks. You can always count on your reliable implementation partner, no matter the phase you are in.

We recommend you take advantage of OBS Solution’s on-site support during the go-live phase. This is because agreed changes are often noticed during this phase, and missing but required functions can be identified and added quickly. The difference between working in the test and live system becomes clear at this point. You also get to see the impact of the implementation in everyday work and real workflows. We keep developers, accountants and other involved project stakeholders informed about any changes or observations.

Essential in the introduction phase: The focus for your own company

The introduction of new software is always a critical process in change management. Organizations may experience changes in personnel, organizational, or spatial circumstances during the restructuring. Therefore, employees need to be emotionally supported and informed to ensure that the new software is accepted and that your employees continue to see themselves as an important and competent part of your company. Get your employees involved in the implementation process to help them accept the change. 

Consciously shaping independence and autonomy

Any necessary data migrations that are to take place after the software goes live must be planned in advance. Examples include inventory, open balance, or invoices.
The goal should be to carry out all bookings exclusively in the new Odoo system as soon as possible to strengthen the autonomy of your company and achieve complete independence from the legacy system. This will also give you a complete, coherent overview of your day-to-day business operations.

Rely on competence, know-how and experience from many successful Odoo implementation projects.

Choose OBS Solutions as your partner of choice for your Odoo implementation.

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