Top feature: Fully integrated software
22 February, 2021 by
Top feature: Fully integrated software
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

top feature: fully integrated software

Many entrepreneurs and managing directors in medium size businesses are looking for the ideal business managing software, to support their business needs and to help them to realize their full business potential. In fact, utilizing supporting software like Odoo is becoming more and more vital in the digital age.

Unfortunately, many businesses utilize different types of software that don't interface well with each other and don't provide a 360° view of crucial customer information. Without an integrated software solution, even the simplest processes can be very time consuming, frustrating, and prone to error. Sound familiar?

Find out how you can avoid that!

one system only, nothing else needed

With Odoo, almost all of your business needs can be managed in one system. More than 25,000 Odoo modules are available on the market. There's an app for almost everything. If there isn't, there will be soon. All modules communicate with each other, allowing for a seamless exchange of information.

There are ERP functions available for sales, inventory, manufacturing, project management, and accounting... Also, many apps and modules provide extensions on top of their core functionalities.

Odoo also supports all sales channels, such as PoS, CRM, or multi-eCommerce. The software can even support a wide variety of additional business functions in other key business areas, such as marketing or HR.

You can also use Odoo to function as your own version of Amazon. Its web portal is fully integrated in all the other applications, which makes the workflow extra smooth.

The bottom line? All the applications you need to run your business are united in one system, eliminating the need to worry about software integrations.
Learn more about Odoo and our services to prepare your company for the future.

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