Top feature: Industry 4.0
5/6: The top six features of Odoo
22 March, 2021 by
Top feature: Industry 4.0
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Top feature: Industry 4.0

The times of paper chaos and slow order processing are over. Businesses that want to have a real chance in the market have to abandon such manual, conservative methods. But sometimes innovations can seem difficult to integrate or may even appear to involve more work to get going than the familiar, manual systems.

With Odoo, innovation is easy. Find out how you can optimize your processes with Odoo and proudly present your business as a member of Industry 4.0.

digitalize, integrate, automate

There are many ways you can show that your company is up to date. The most important way is to enable flawless and fast workflows. Having business software that is intelligent and decreases your workload is crucial.

Also, sustainability is not only a trend but also a way of streamlining your business processes. For example, with the document module, your business can operate 100% paperless. That makes your workflow fully digitized, and you can integrate other tasks and automate them to make your workflow even more efficient.

The IoT box can enhance your business operations by connecting all of your IoT devices with Odoo. Your quality measurement tools, cameras, printers or footswitches can become smarter this way. You can easily link your measures directly to your database. Decrease the risk of manually entering values from the device to your database and instead trust in automation .

By connecting your devices to your Odoo database and fully integrating them into your existing business flows, your business will become even more efficient.

With the artificial intelligence, Odoo can predict your next steps. For example, based on your usage-history, Odoo can use machine learning or OCR recognition.

With Odoo, we cover a wide range of business functions, and you can set specified actions that Odoo will remember. You ultimately have the power for automating any business process and bring your business fully into the digital age.

 Learn from us how you can integrate Odoo into your company.

 As an Odoo Gold Partner, OBS offers you the best advice and support.

Top feature: Odoo Interface
4/6: The top six features of Odoo