Primus Energy GmbH

Primus Energy GmbH is a supplier of machines and spare parts for the mechanical engineering and energy industry.

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Primus Energy initially started their Odoo implementation project with a different partner but was not very satisfied with the implementation process, and so, not satisfied with Odoo in general. The company was about to eliminate and replace Odoo as their ERP Software before OBS stepped in to show them the full potential of Odoo and ensure the right implementation.


Thankfully, OBS Solutions supported Primus Energy to unlock Odoo's full potential. Primus Energy updated their hosting system from an on-premise solution to, the dedicated cloud platform, which solved the issues the company was experiencing with data backups and security.

Business Benefits

By making some report adjustments and optimizing the delivery process with the help of Odoo Standard, Primus Energy is now able to utilize Odoo more efficiently in their daily business operations.

"I would like to highlight the Service of OBS again. At the moment, I feel really well with you and my problems are quickly understood and resolved without making a big deal out of them." — Pascal Daus, Head of Engineering at Primus Energy GmbH

Changing the hosting system from an on-premise solution to solved the issue that the company experienced in terms of data backups and knowledge about data security. All in all, Primus Energy is now a lot more confident to work with Odoo in their daily business!

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