Enseidon GmbH

ENSEIDON GmbH is a specialized engineering company with knowledge in project planning and technical documentations. Their engineers and technicians mainly support municipal customers and companies around the topics of environment, water, and wastewater.

Finance Services / PMS CRM / Sales / Marketing


Enseidon was already using Odoo and managing the Odoo Studio themselves in their own system. However, they experienced some challenges during upgrades, which made them reach out to OBS Solutions for resolution.


Enseidon’s Odoo system, which includes the sales function with billing, project and time tracking, had issues with system upgrades. OBS Solutions worked with Enseidon to renew the system and optimize the faulty upgrade. OBS Solutions also hard coded many customizations made with Odoo Studio. Minor adjustments in the reporting area were made and the document app was added to the system. Enseidon also relied on OBS Solutions support for further upgrades.

Business Benefits

Enseidon saw the benefits of no longer doing their Odoo customizations themselves and now turns to OBS Solutions for customization requests and assistance. For example, they benefit from the cleanly programmed system and the well-maintained Spreadsheet interfaces. By understanding the errors during the upgrade and intensively dealing with Odoo Studio, Enseidon has identified the source of the errors and discovered better alternatives. They consciously leave the programming of adaptations to OBS Solutions and turn to us as a trustworthy partner with the skills and insights for optimizing their software.

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