Phytopharma SA

Phytopharma SA produces health products for pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores and provides related services.

Finance Inventory / MRP CRM / Sales / Marketing


Phytopharma mainly worked with Excel files and wanted to optimize their processes and make them more manageable. It was also important to them to make it easier for older employees to switch to the new software. Therefore, the focus of the software search was especially on user-friendliness. Odoo was able to prevail over Microsoft and Abacus and OBS Solutions was the implementation partner of choice for the customer from the very beginning.


Phytopharma was using the new system after about 8 months. The customer decided to make the testing and training phases longer, with special attention to their own employees. The core of the new software was purchase, sales, inventory, manufacturing and accounting. The customer had tested, but unfortunately there were still some improvements to be made after implementation. The introduction of the required pharmaceutical code and a special customization for reserved goods were added, along with other minor adjustments. Only minor customizations with little benefit were dropped in order to keep the system lean and efficient.

Business Benefits

The cooperation between Phytopharma and OBS Solutions was a fruitful learning process for both sides. In the course, weaknesses in internal and external project processes could be identified and optimized. Phytopharma has learned the Odoo system and the underlying logic and OBS Solutions has been able to optimize the communication according to the needs. Phytopharma particularly benefits from the special customization for reserved goods, which optimally reflects their workflows. The customer moves confidently in the Odoo system and continues to rely on OBS Solutions as a software expert.