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Odoo Pricing

Profit from our best practice approach based on experience of handling more than 250 projects.

These four stages help you implementing Odoo:

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Take part in our "Odoo Workshop" or "Proof of Concept" to assess your system needs, and get an in-depth Odoo insight and offer for your system and project implementation.


Get all information about Odoo Enterprise, Odoo Hosting and On-Premise possibilities. Depending on your requirements, we have the right system setup. 

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Our agile project implementation comes with standardized base procedures and price packages for small and bigger projects alike.

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A successful project doesn't end when the system goes live. Wether you need adaptions, extensions or general support, we offer service contracts that fit your demands.


Get an Odoo Insight and Project Estimate

Odoo Workshop

Suitable for companies with a small number of decision makers - typically the owner or managing director


Odoo Proof of Concept

In general used when the owner or managing director can not make independent decisions, but instead relies on directors or heads of department



Find Your System Setup and Server Solution

Odoo Enterprise

The Odoo Enterprise contract includes additional services such as free version upgrades, a "bug-free guarantee" with unlimited Odoo S.A. support, additional modules and features, an advanced user interface and mobile usability.

Pricing depends on your demands, but starts from 18€ per user and 10€ per app.

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Future upgrades of the standard Odoo system free of charge.


Unlimited bug fixing support for the standard Odoo system


Access to modules only available in Odoo Enterprise


Exclusive access to the latest features only in Odoo Enterprise


Modern user interface to enhance usability and accelerate processes


Responsive design and mobile Apps to use Odoo on the go with any device

Odoo Server Solutions

Decide between our fully-integrated Odoo Cloud Hosting platform and installing the system on your own server.

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Odoo Hosting

Our Odoo Hosting Platform is your care free all-in-one solution, with servers based in Western Europe. It integrates master, staging and development databases, and is closely linked to GitHub.

Odoo on-premise

In order to ensure smooth improvements, updates and upgrades to your Odoo, we offer a test and development platform priced at 50€ per month.


Choose From Standard to Custom-Fit Solutions

Whether you need a standard solution for your start-up or small enterprise, or an extended implementation including specific requirements for a larger SME, we have the right approach. We can offer you consultation, configuration, adaptations, training, data migration and go-live support.

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Odoo Project Pricing

For standard implementations of Odoo ERP and CRM, we offer 80 - 120 h support packages - with a 10% discount on your first order.

On larger projects with specific demands, we usually work with a pre-defined overall budget and invoice monthly.

Dedicated modules and individual programming customisations are generally offered at a fixed price.


Choose Your Individual Support Package

Odoo Aftersales Support

A successful project doesn't end when it goes live. To continually improve your Odoo, we will support you regarding adaptions, extensions, updates, maintenance and upgrades, alongside general advice.

In short, our aftersales service agreement is highly flexible. Depending on your requirements, you may be able to take advantage of discounts on hourly rates and our priority services.

The agreement also covers on-demand upgrades of individual programming to fit your newest version of Odoo, without high one-off costs.

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Get in touch with us for tailored pricing.

We'll find the solution that best suits you.