Odoo 12

Check out functions of the new Odoo 12 - released in October 2018

User Interface

  • IoT Box - Interface for all your machines and devices with the Odoo apps and workcenter control panel

  • New Barcode Interface for inventory and manufacturing

  • Powerful integrated communication method "next action" combining all current tools

  • Improved navigation in the system 

Improved Functionality

  • Advanced Customer Success CRM

  • Multi-Website on Bootstrap 4

  • Fast & Easy importing tools

  • Better Project Planning

  • Improved sections on sale order

  • More and improved localisations


  • Report Designer in Odoo Studio: Customize reports directly in Odoo with the integrated Odoo Studio App

  • Improved Dashboard like Google Analytics with high flexibility and adaptability on the management dashboards

Other Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning within Odoo - the system proposes entries based on your history

  • Performance Boost for Odoo 12

  • In App purchase - use additional services like automated lead generation, factoring, invoicing etc

Faster User Interface in Odoo 12

Operate Odoo completely only using the keyboard with various short cuts etc.

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Automatic Lead Generation with In-App-Purchase

Generate leads automatically from your website visitors. These In-App-Purchase will transfer relevant information about your website visitors like company, responsible manager etc. to you.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Automatic capturing of incoming invoices as an example for the big potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Odoo 12.

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New Dashboards, to simplify the overwiew of your data

Dynamic dashboards which can be filled with any graph, KPIs or cohort. Get to know    the sales or the financial health of you company at one view.

Compare data of different periods and see the growing of your business.

New Dashboards view in more Apps like CRM or Inventory

 e.g. Analyse the lead generation in addition to the conversion rate in the CRM APP


Speed up with the new Barcode App

  • Managing products in different Warehouses

  • Optimized for mobile usage

  • Speed Up Work Flow with new easy to use interface



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          Odoo Documents: Centralize your File Managment

          • Become a paperless Company

          • centralise the management of all your documents (.pdf. images, documents, videos and url)

          • Not only archive your scanned documents but share, send and categorize them.

          • Generate business documents out of our scanned papers like tasks, vendor bills, vendor refunds

          • Electronically sign your documents



            Work easy with all versions of your product with the new Product Configurator


            Product Configurator now implemented in the backend.

            Offer you costumers upselling articles, which are linked to the watched item.

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            Manage Multi-Websites out of one system

            • Handle easy the sale of your products on different websites / shops

            • Give your different brands their own web shop

            • Offer in different contries with different languages


            Simplify your accounting

            With Odoo Documents all information for a pdf is linked to the document (e.g. vendor bill or vendor refund)

            OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Invoice data recognition from a pdf or picture to fill in fields of vendor bills.

            In-app Purchase feature: Send you invoices and reminder via mail, print them or let them be send by an Letter Service

            Predict Vendor Bill accounts (on the database of previous data-base)

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