Top feature: Odoo Interface
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15 March, 2021 by
Top feature: Odoo Interface
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Top feature: Odoo Interface

Business software handles complex tasks. In many cases, the interface is not pleasing to the eye, but this is often tolerated on the assumption that such complex processes cannot be arranged in a clear and neat way. In fact, even after decades of digitization, many business software solutions neglect to improve their appearance to the user.

Do you want to forego clarity and modern design? Or do you want to turn to the future when selecting a business software solution?

stunning user interface

Odoo’s user interface is simply stunning. It is designed to give you a continuous overview of your business processes. You can easily follow all processes, and you always have the freedom to look at your customers' views and develop your own templates based upon them.



In the Video you see how we're able to conduct the entire process from sales opportunity to customer invoicing within 25 seconds:

A customer comes in through a sales pipeline, then turns into an opportunity. A quote is generated for a customer using a quotation template which then gets automatically send to the customer via email.

Next, the customer can accept the quote and can confirm the order online.

All of the order fulfillment activities are then kicked off automatically. An invoice is created and send to the customer, and the sales cycle is complete.

Using specified actions within Odoo, you ultimately have the power to automate any business process and to bring your business fully into the digital age: Faster, better meeting your customer's expectations, and sustainable.

 Invest in software that meets your needs and moves you forward.

 OBS will advise you on your options.

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