Marken Müller AG

Founded in 1922 by Ernst Müller, the company has developed into one of the largest and best-known Swiss postage stamp retailers.

Finance Inventory / MRP CRM / Sales / Marketing Website / E-Commerce


Marken Müller was using highly customized individual software that was already old and no longer stable. They were looking for software that could replicate the existing software and integrate new features that would allow them to develop new sales channels. Odoo convinced Marken Müller, especially with its customizability and simple programming framework. In addition, Odoo clearly beat SAP in terms of costs for the same processes. The OBS Solutions team proved themselves as a professional implementation partner during the sales process.


Marken Müller went live with their initial implementation in about 15 months. The extension with an online store was to follow. The need to integrate an automatic credit check in the sales process was met. The biggest adjustments were made in the areas of subscriptions, route structure in the warehouse area, and image synchronization. During the project, the customer learned how to use Odoo independently and extensively and can now move around the system independently and competently.

Business Benefits

Subscription management and image synchronization work particularly well. Marken Müller can now work even more efficiently with useful automation and synchronization functions. In addition, unnecessary duplicate data entry can be avoided with the developed interface to a Swiss credit checker. Thanks to Marken Müller's excellent and intensive familiarization with Odoo, OBS Solutions can take a back seat as an expert since, in the vast majority of cases, the customer can customize its software independently. Marken Müller continues to approach OBS Solutions with confidence in the event of queries and special requirements.