Thermory Deutschland GmbH

Thermory Deutschland GmbH is one of the world's largest manufacturers of thermally treated wood, sauna materials, industrially painted interior and exterior wood products, and prefabricated saunas.

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Estonia Germany


After the founding of the new company, Thermory Deutschland was looking for ERP software that supported interface connections in particular. This focus was especially important for Thermory with regard to the parent company in Scandinavia. The choice fell on Odoo as ERP system, since Odoo could score with its services and further interface offers. In addition, the software prevailed over SAP and other ERP providers in terms of the cost factor. OBS Solutions was the first choice as German implementation partner from the very beginning.


With the full ERP functions and accounting, Thermory was able to use the enterprise software after only 4 months. Minor customizations, primarily concerning views, were additionally implemented after go-live. OBS Solutions provides ongoing minor system enhancements and workflow support as needed.

Business Benefits

The collaboration is characterized by regular, fast, solution-oriented communication. Thermory uses a smoothly running system and relies on the professional, continuous exchange with OBS Solutions.